The Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group is one of many groups across the world which support the Zapatistas in their struggle and is part of the ‘UK Zapatista Network‘. Our main purpose is to raise awareness of the Zapatista struggle and to give practical help wherever possible. We do this by organising talks, film showings, benefit gigs, street stalls and direct actions as well as publishing articles. We import Zapatista produce such as coffee, clothing and jewellery for sale with the money going directly back to the communities.
To get in contact with the group email or follow us on Facebook.
Peña Nieto you are not welcome here: 3 Days of Continuous Protests and Actions Denouncing the Human Rights Crisis in Mexico The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife Angélica Rivera de Peña, are paying a state visit to the United Kingdom as guests of The Queen. The three-day State Visit is from 3rd to 5th March 2015. During their visit, the President and Señora Rivera will stay at Buckingham Palace. Let everyone know about the human rights abuses in Mexico! Those who lie, kill and torture are not welcome! DOWNING STREET 4 pm to 7 pm TUESDAY 3rd MARCH!!
Zapatista News Summary 2015
Zapatista News Summary for January 2015: 1. EZLN Issues New Years Comunicado 2. Joint Declaration from the Festival 3. San Sebastián Bachajón: Another Eviction and Another Recuperation 4. Mitzitón Files Legal Action Against Chiapas Superhighway Construction
EZLN Letter to Doña Emilia Aurora Sosa Marín
"We got the news just a few hours ago. We don’t know how long it will take for these lines to reach you, but we know that regardless of the date, you will be able to read in these words the collective embrace that we send you. That is because here we also feel the pain and sorrow of the death of Don Félix Serdán Nájera, honorary officer in our Zapatista Army for National Liberation, this past February 22 in the early morning hours."
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