‘Other Campaign’ update: 4th – 25th August 2007

The Second Encounter has now officially closed, having been marked in part by the involvement of various campesino organizations.

No sooner has the Second Encounter finished that there are plans for a Continental Encuentro of Indigenous Peoples for October 11-14, 2007 and for a North American Regional Conference from October 8-9, 2007. The latter will focus primarily on the “war of capitalist conquest and its effect on Indigenous Peoples”.

A fascinating report on the lack of governmental concern with the health of those in Chiapas has been published.

News from Oaxaca, where the recent state elections resulted in the PRI being the official victors but the real story being the very high levels of abstentionism. The struggle in Oaxaca, according to Nancy Davies, appears to be moving from the city to land and water issues.

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