Links to various websites and other information sources about the Zapatistas and related struggles in the rest of Mexico and the world:

Enlace Zaptista – The official website of the EZLN for the latest communiques and updates on the ‘Other Campaign‘ (mostly in Spanish).

Revista Rebeldia – spanish language magazine of the Zapatistas.

Radio Insurgente – the ‘Voice of the EZLN’ (Spanish only).

Zezta Internazional – the Intergalactic Commission of the EZLN.

Palabra Zapatista – letters and communiqués of the EZLN (1994-2005), Spanish only.

Human Rights Organisations

Fray Bartolome – Human Rights Centre in Chiapas (mainly in Spanish).

Sipaz – International Service for Peace in Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero.

Amnesty International (Mexico) – the Mexican index of the Amnesty International website.

Human Rights Watch (Mexico) – the Mexican subsection of the Human Rights Watch website.

Ciepac – Research Centre Economic And Community Action Policies.


Enlace Civil – a Chiapas-based organisation that works with Zapatista communities to help them improve their living conditions.

Miles de rabias (1000 rages) – 1000 Rages, One Heart campaign against the harrassment of the Zapatista communities.

Casa Collective – a Oaxaca-based solidarity group.

UK Zapatista Solidarity Network – the coordination of UK-based Zapatista solidarity groups.

Glasgow Chiapas Solidarity Group – newly re-formed in August 2009.

Kiptik – a Bristol-based project who work with Zapatista villagers to build drinking water systems in the autonomous zones of Chiapas.

Active Distribution – London based anarchist shop selling Zapatista related books and coffee.

Essex Zapatista Solidarity Group

London-Mexico Solidarity Group

The WOMBLES Zapatista solidarity page.

Europazapatista – The European campaign of Solidarity with Zapatista autonomy and against the War in Chiapas, Mexico (mainly Spanish).

Schools for Chiapas – a US-based organisation providing resources and training for autonomous education centers and schools in Chiapas.

Alternative Media Sources

Narconews – Frequently updated news from Mexico and Latin America, in English and often in other languages.

Indymedia Chiapas – for the latest news from Chiapas, in both Spanish and English.

La Jornada – centre left Mexico City Daily Newspaper – Noam Chomsky has described La Jornada as “the one independent newspaper in the hemisphere”.

Centro de Medios Libre de la Ciudad de México – Independent Media Centre, Mexico City.

Global Exchange – an NGO which researches and publishes information on Chiapas, amongst other places.

Z Communications –  including Zmag and ZNet for alternative analysis and news.

Global Indymedia, Indymedia UK and Indymedia Scotland – for independent news from around the world. – a bilingual website that spreads awareness about, and solidarity with, social movements in Oaxaca, Mexico.  – Independent media production based in Canada. The stimulator’s monthly episodes updates listeners on radical movements, direct action and solidarity around the world.

Radio Zapatista – an alternative radio collective reporting on Zapatismo and struggles inspired by Zapatismo in Mexico, the US, and the world.

Chiapas Article Archives

Chiapas 95 – a collection of mailing lists which distribute a substantial quantity of news and information on the Chiapas struggle.

Irish Mexico group (archive) – a useful reference source on the struggles in Mexico and Chiapas.

Other Struggles

In the spirit of the Zapatista-initiated Other Campaign, Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group gives solidarity to grass-roots groups and movements resisting capitalism and oppression:

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh – a self-managed social centre where the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group meets and sells Zapatista solidarity goods.

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty – a grass-roots group taking action against benefits cuts, debt collectors and other social injustice.

Edinburgh Anarchist Federation – Edinburgh branch of the UK wide class struggle anarchist federation

Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance – New website home to Edinburgh-Anti Cuts Alliance, Edinburgh East Save Our Services and Greater Leith Against Cuts. Features regularly updated news and a calendar of events, demos and anti-cuts meetings.

London Coalition Against Poverty

Industrial Workers of the World – a grass-roots, volunteer-run, democratic union open to all workers.

Unity Centre Glasgow – Volunteer-run centre offering friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to asylum-seekers, refugees and sans papiers in Glasgow.

Movement For Justice in the Barrio – Adherents to the Other Campaign in East Harlem, New York, USA. Info on MJB and contact

Terrorstate – Edinburgh group of people who sell organic and fair-trade t-shirts of anti-establishment design and also organise music events parodying the role of the state and its seemingly inextricable links to terror. With info and stalls from organisations such as Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group, Coal Action Scotland, Palestine Solidarity Group and others.

San Juan Copala – autonomous community under paramilitary siege in Oaxaca state.

Justice for Colombia – campaigning for peace and social justice in Colombia.

SweFor – Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation who send volunteers to Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia to support local peace-building efforts and protect human rights defenders.

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